We help you care for your patients

You can count on our approval specialists

Getting patients approved fast!

While our focus is patient-centered, we understand how frustrating the approval process can be for medications. Our approval specialist are here to help, so that you can get back to taking care of patients.

Prioritizing patient safety

At Alafuse, we do one thing and one thing only—provide medical infusions and injections for your patients. We believe patient safety is paramount and will not infuse patients who are possibly contagious. Additionally, our staff is rigorously trained and has strict protocols for the different types of infusion reactions.

Keeping you updated

Given our frequent contact with your patients, we have the opportunity to give you helpful feedback on medication efficacy and tolerance. We understand your patients may have unique needs—let us know how we can help customize treatments. Alafuse will also provide any documentation necessary to keep your charts up to date.

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